Day 22

This is the Last Day guys.  So the night before ( Day 21), I made this lump of doughy looking thing —————————–>day-21

It looks a lot more dry than all the mixtures so far, that might be because of the enlarged proportions but I don’t know. The mix definitely smells like bread now, much more than it did in the beginning, and oh do I remember how it smelled like in the beginning. But my bread is clearly trying very hard to please me, because not only does it smell more acceptable, it has turned into a fluffy bundle of fun. It was so spongy when I was mixing!

So the next morning, it was time for the float test. The float test requires testing a half teaspoon of the mixture( now known as the leaven of the bread), to see whether it floats or sinkday-22. If it floats, then the microbes are doing their job and there are plenty of gas bubbles trapped inside the leaven, helping the mixture rise and bubble. However, if it is too dense, then the mixture will sink. So I decided to check my bread at 8:30 (ish) AM, and did the float test, but it wasn’t floating. So I waited two more hours and at 10 AM it still wasn’t floating. So then it came to be 12 PM and I sat there for a good twenty minutes trying to figure out why the bread wasn’t floating. I realized that I was manipulating it too much,I was using my finger to scrape the mix from the spoon and packing the mixture as I put it into the water, but once I allowed the mixture to come off the spoon while swishing it within the water, it floated like a charm! ( I know it looks gross, but I am very proud of that floating bit of leaven).

So I totally.. messed up the bread forming. It was a nice beautiful ball, and then I thought I was suppose to stretch from right to left, but I did it four times from right to left instead of four times total, so I thought I had totally butchered the bread, and it looked more like a cauliflower when I finished folding. However, the bread in it’s final form came out beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Stayed up till 1 in the morning to finish baking, but LOOK AT IT! It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever baked.Day 23(1AM) (2).JPG

Overall the bread making experience was eye-opening and fun! It was a very interesting experience to realize that we’ve been eating microbes from other people for so long, and now I can make my own!


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Day 16

Alrighty, day 16 here to report pretty much on the hour every hour from 10 AM to 10 PM.


so here is 10 AM before and after I put in fresh flour mix.

I will now put them in consecutive order by the hour, and I tried to keep it so that the picture encompasses solely the exact width of the bowl to be able to tell whether the mixture is expanding or contracting.


At first at 11 AM I thought it looked like it was expanding, because the mixture was clinging onto the walls and sort of everywhere, but then by 1 in the afternoon I realized that the colony seemed to be shrinking. So the colony definitely expanded once more resources were put in; The mixture expanded as the colony grew and continued to create gas bubbles and then began shrinking as the resources were being used and the water was evaporating/ being used.


So the colony has begun to release more gas and as time passes, the mixture is definitely contracting. It is also beginning to dry out as the culture becomes more active.


The colony continues to look like its slowly desiccating, and please don’t mind the ever changing counter top environment.


so the culture looks as if it expanded then contracted, but it definitely had a period where it expanded due to an increase in resources allowing more microbes to exist at once which in turn brought about more air bubbles.

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Day 14

Hi guys! Okay so it’s day 14 and my bread actually starting to smell nice. As you can see, the bread seems to be darker in color, and it seems that everyday that I look at the culture the concoction has more bubbles!

Day 14 before I got the new culture
Day 14 after mixing new culture
Day 5 after mixing culture


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Day 12

It’s now day 12, and the bread is starting to smell more.. ok this is a weird way to describe smell, but I think it smells like a sponge. Like the sponge you wash dishes with and then leave in the sink. Gross I know, but I think that is equivalent to what it smells like. It’s like a mass of microbes, on a sponge. However the color seems to be turning lighter, and the bubbles seemed really big today while mixing. The air bubbles continue to grow bigger as well, which could point to more activity from the cultures that are being transferred. Perhaps they are becoming more efficient?


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Day 10

So day ten has come around, and there was a thin film of water over my culture, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t add too much water last night.. what could that mean?

The concoction continues to smell like .. well bread, but this time around I took a nice long whiff and it smells sort of like, moldy bread? When bread just sits there… and starts to begin to mold? Maybe my culture just isn’t as active today, or perhaps not enough of viable culture was transferred.

Find out next time, on day 12.

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Day 8

Sooo, since I only have to blog every other day and I only need to post two photos during the time period between day 6-15, I figured I would do kind of a before and after type of deal. So the mixture is definitely smelling more like bread, I’m not going crazy! I had my sister verify this. Today my culture didn’t seem super active, but once I mixed in fresh bread mix did they come ALIVE! (hence a lot more bubbles). This definitely correlates to the new amount of resources being put in, which allows a renewed sense of activity, I suppose it’s like bringing the microbes “back to life” in a sense.

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This is Pinto listening to me rant about the bread. At least I think she’s listening.

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Day 6

Ok so this is a repeat of Day 5, it looks the same and the process is also the same, so I decided today is a no picture day! However, either I’m going crazy or the concoction of bread mix and microbes are starting to smell better…? Not like perfumes and flowers but it is definitely starting to smell more like bread. Or I’m crazy. Maybe the microbes are getting more aerated, since we are using the same microbes from the day before which are already aerated.


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