Day 5

So here we are at day five, and I thought I drowned my whole culture. ⊙△⊙

because there was a layer of water… maybe I added too much water in the beginning? Anyways there were still gas bubbles so I continued. Yesterday I used a spoon to mix in the water so this time I omitted the spoon to have more control of the amount of water that I was pouring into the bowl. day-5-1

And again, it smelled like disgust itself… although I think I’m getting use to the smell and it’s starting to smell more like bread to me, which is freaky in a way.  The crust was much easier to scoop off this time around, and replenishing my colony was easy peasy! I suppose that the smell was less pungent because the mixture had less of a crust due to the excess water that was poured into the mixture, or perhaps because the old crust and the new crust were fusing and getting more efficient in the respiration process.

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So now I get to blog every other day, but will be repeating the steps in this day for the next ten days. I will start my blogging tomorrow~

Day 5.JPG
This is Pinto in Pickle’s bed. She doesn’t fit. (Yes that is a sock next to the giant Gir)

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