Day 4

I’m back! This is day 4 of the bread making process…..

So as the instructions said, I checked my culture and oh my GOD. As soon as I opened my cabinet to get my culture did it STINK.  It smelled like vinegar. Like dirty socks dipped in vinegar and thrown under the bed. Or so that’s what I imagine vinegar dipped socks smell like. I saw the crust of the culture and it was actually pretty cool, you could see all the little gas bubbles from my microbes going to work! The smell is more than likely from the by products of the bacteria fermenting. Sulfur compounds, mainly dimethyl sulfide (DMS), are responsible for these types of odors, and are caused by yeast and wort-spoiling bacteria(

day-4-3 .. And then there was the matter of taking off the crust. Jesus. It was so hard to take off the crust. Like one of those super sticky cheap stickers on books, it came off in chunks and pieces, making it difficult to get to the bottom layer. day-4-1


Heres the fruits of my labor. (right)

At least I got to mix again~ my favorite part!


anddddddd back into the dark corner we go! 







This little bugger wouldn’t leave me alone today.

day 4.JPG


Feat image:


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